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Showing Elapsed Time in PowerShell Scripts

In PowerShell, you can show elapsed time using a simple timer script. Start by capturing the current time when your script begins with $StartTime = $(Get-Date). Then, calculate the elapsed time by subtracting the start time from the current time: $elapsedTime = $(Get-Date) - $StartTime. Format the elapsed time into hours, minutes, and seconds using the "{0:HH:mm:ss}" format and apply it to a DateTime object: $totalTime = "{0:HH:mm:ss}" -f ([datetime]$elapsedTime.Ticks)

$StartTime = $(Get-Date)
# Your script here
$elapsedTime = $(Get-Date) - $StartTime
$totalTime = "{0:HH:mm:ss}" -f ([datetime]$elapsedTime.Ticks)
Write-Host "Total elapsed time: $totalTime"

For more details and discussions, you can refer to this Stack Overflow post.

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