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Tips On Giving Flowers As Gifts

Tips On Giving Flowers As Gifts

“Farewell deare flowers, sweetly your time ye spent,

Fit, while ye liv’d, for smell or ornament,

And after death for cures.”

- George Herbert

It’s often in the graceful appearances of the natural things that a troubled soul finds solace. Flowers are one of them, and probably the most delicately beautiful of all. Though miniature and mute, their language is far more audible, and yet their words are difficult to decipher. It requires a special skill set to encode what they say, like Braille for the blind. It’s difficult, mind you, not impossible. Those who delight in these miniature-ish offsprings of nature can very well hear the silent hymns they sing out loud. Sweet is the little time they spend; honeyed is the taste they leave for long. It’s because of this enigmatic existence that flowers are cherished by one and all. It’s also why among the hordes of technological innovations and other class of gifts, flowers still, in the 21st century, remain the most preferred choice for gifts worldwide. If you want to send a bunch of these lively and lovely beauties anywhere in the world but are caught short on what message they may convey, then have a read of what follows next.

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Actions speak louder than words; Roses speak volumes that even actions can’t convey. Roses have been a symbol of love and passion since the times of ancient Greeks and Romans, who often linked them to the goddesses of love: Aphrodite and Venus. Today, giving roses to your loved one is THE chicest of all choices, with each color denoting a different meaning.

  • Red – Love & Passion
  • White – Purity, Peace, Humility, and Innocence
  • Yellow – Platonic Love, Friendship, Forgiveness
  • Pink – Beauty, Gratitude, Eternal Love, and Perfect Happiness
  • Orange – Desire, and Enthusiasm
  • Purple – Love at first sight
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Originating in Turkey and Persia, where they were also named so for giving a turban-like appearance when in full bloom, just like the turban the Turkish used to wear in those days (16th Century AD), Tulips are now among the top choices of flowers. And though Tulips arrived late on the scene once they did, they stayed for good, and people now love them for occasions, one and all. In general, tulips represent charity, fame, wealth, and spring whereas different colors denote different meanings like:

  • White – Lost Love and Forgiveness
  • Yellow – Cheerfulness
  • Red – Perfect Love 
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The most preferred ornamental flowers now, orchids, started out as being more than a symbol – they were believed to be an instrument of virility by the ancient Greeks. In the early 20th century, they started out being used as luxurious decorations and today are among the preferred choices for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, and casual expressions. In general, orchids represent beauty, love and wedding, whereas different colors denote different meanings like:

  • Pink – Pure Affection
  • Cattleya – Mature Charm
  • Cymbidium – Luxury and Magnificence
  • Ophrys Fly – Skill and Dexterity
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Believed to spring forth from the milk of Hera, the queen of the gods, Lilies are among the most ancient of flowers (right up there with the roses) and today, among the most gifted. Weddings, and wedding anniversaries, specifically, feel incomplete if not for the presence of lilies. However, in stark contrast, lilies are also associated with funerals, denoting that the soul has regained its innocence with which it came down as a child. In general, lilies represent honor, purity, sympathy, and majesty whereas different colors denote different meanings like:

  • White – Chastity and Virtue
  • Peruvian – Friendship and Devotion,
  • Pink Stargazer - Prosperity and Wealth
  • White Stargazer – Sympathy
  • Water Lily – Absolute Truth and Prosperity
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Another competitor to the roses and lilies in terms of the 2000 year-long history and symbolism they hold, carnations too stand top in the list of flowers to gift and convey different heartfelt emotions on different occasions. With a fragrance that can send anyone in a state of delightful ecstasy, carnations are best to gift on Mother’s Day, Teacher’s Day, and of course - weddings. In general, carnations represent love, friendship, and fascination whereas different colors denote different meanings like:

  • White – Pure Love and Good Luck
  • Light Red – Admiration
  • Dark Red – Deep Love and Affection
  • Pink – Mother’s undying Love
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One look at this bright-red-colored-and-starry-shaped poinsettia is sure to put a smile on your face. Also known as the Christmas flower, poinsettias have long symbolized humbleness and were believed to be pure by the ancient Aztec civilization. Today, poinsettias—white, red, pink, or green—represent cheery spirit and success and are great to give on festive and mirthful occasions.

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Named after the Greek goddess of the rainbow, the mythology of irises takes them back to the ancient Greek period where Goddess Iris acted as a link between heaven and the earth to guide the deceased to their final abode up in heaven. Today, the iris flower is also known as the February birth flower and is considered ideal to gift on the 25th wedding anniversary. In general, irises represent love, friendship, and fascination whereas different colors denote different meanings like:

  • Blue – Faith and Hope
  • White – Purity
  • Yellow – Passion
  • Purple – Wisdom
  • German Iris – Flame 
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One look and its self-explanatory why cultures, as different as England and China, consider them to be a symbol of wealth and good luck. Botanically known as Narcissus and popularly known as the March birth flower and 10th-anniversary flower, these sparkly yellow-colored daffodils are the sight for sore eyes. It is, however, also believed that if given as a single bloom, daffodil can prove unlucky. But why would you want to do that when they look sublimely heaven-sent when put together in a bunch. Focus, will entirely be on them if they are in the room. In general, daffodils represent gracefulness, good luck, chivalry, sunshine, respect, clarity of thought, and inner beauty.

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Botanically known as Syringa, who, according to Greek mythology was a beautiful nymph, lilacs are among the most stunning looking flowers. Appearing more as a flowery bush than a single flower, lilacs are considered precursors to spring, silently foretelling its arrival. Apart from season forecast, lilacs are also known as the 8th wedding anniversary flower and in general represent beauty, pride, sympathy, and remembrance whereas different colors denote different meanings like:

  • Purple – First Love
  • Yellow – Youthful Innocence
  • Pink – Acceptance
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Like lilacs, hyacinths too are bushy little flowers that grow on top of the stem. And just as many other flowers, hyacinths too are associated with Greek mythology but today represent a different breed of flowers that have carved a niche for themselves, an identity of their own despite roses and the likes being the most preferred. In general, hyacinths represent sport or play, sincerity, and constancy.

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The uncanny fascination for them is astounding! Just as they always track the direction of the sun, we too, awestruck by their bright appearance can’t let them go out of our sight. Sunflowers, also known as the 3rd-anniversary flowers, are believed to be a representation of the Sun itself and denote its warmth, respect, sunshine, love, loyalty, and long life.

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There’s something in the color blue that lends a universal appeal to the beautiful petals of the flowers and eyes of the beholder. It’s next to impossible to hold your attention elsewhere when these beauties are within the spotting distance. The soothing sensation they unleash on the senses is remarkable. Different hues of blue represent different aspects such as trust, confidence, unification, and loyalty.

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