Azure Daily 2022 by Gordon

Auto-Healing and Crash Monitoring integration with Azure Monitor

Auto-healing is a heavily used diagnostic feature of Azure App Service that allows end-users to configure a rich set of triggers that can be used to mitigate an app once it starts misbehaving. It not only allows you to mitigate the app from a bad situation but it also allows customers to capture diagnostic data that helps them debug the issues later.

Crash Monitoring and Proactive Crash Monitoring allow end-users to effectively diagnose and debug application crashes (process exits due to unhandled exceptions) easily.

One of the most asked features for both these features was the ability to view historical information about when these tools were triggered and what conditions cause them to trigger. Customers have also asked us to be able to view this information for a longer duration as by default the views available in Diagnose and Solve blade show you a maximum of 24 hours of information.


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