Azure Daily 2023 by Gordon

Change Tracking with AMA, Azure monitoring Agent, Change Tracking

The Change Tracking and Inventory service tracks changes to Files, Registry, Software, Services and Daemons and uses the MMA (Microsoft Monitoring Agent)/OMS (Operations Management Suite) agent. This preview supports the new AMA agent and enhances the following:

  • Security/Reliability and Scale - The Azure Monitor Agent enhances security, reliability, and facilitates multi-homing experience to store data.
  • Simplified onboarding- You can onboard to Virtual Machines directly to Change Tracking (add link) without needing to configure an Automation account. In new experience, there is
  • Rules management – Uses Data Collection Rules to configure or customize various aspects of data collection. For example, you can change the frequency of file collection. DCRs let you configure data collection for specific machines connected to a workspace as compared to the "all or nothing" approach of legacy agents.

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							Announcing public preview: Azure Change Tracking & Inventory using Azure Monitor agent (AMA)


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