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Public preview: IP Protection SKU for Azure DDoS Protection

IP Protection is designed with SMBs in mind and delivers enterprise-grade, cost-effective DDoS protection. 

Instead of enabling DDoS protection on a per virtual network basis, including all public IP resources associated with resources in those virtual networks, you now have the flexibility to enable DDoS protection on an individual public IP. 

The existing standard SKU of Azure DDoS Protection will now be known as Network Protection. 

Diagram of the reference architecture for a DDoS protected PaaS web application.

IP Protection includes the same features as Network Protection, but Network Protection will have in the following value-added services: DDoS Rapid Response support, cost protection, integration with Azure Firewall Manager, and discounts on Azure Web Application Firewall. 

Billing for IP Protection will be effective starting February 1, 2023.

Source: Public preview: IP Protection SKU for Azure DDoS Protection

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